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Vicus advises and supports best of breed open source software and sets it up optimally for you.

Whether you want a small, simple web shop or a large one, with Vicus you will get a professional web shop. We do this for 15 years.

With Vtiger CRM , your marketing, sales, delivery and service process improves. Vicus has been supporting Vtiger CRM since 2005. So in the meantime for 17 years.

If you have less budget or only a few products then choose the WooCommerce webshop plug-in for the popular WordPress CMS.

Integral sales engine with 157 links. We connect your webshop and CRM to your suppliers, sales channels, warehouses, accounting and other systems.

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For more than 19 years strong in improving marketing, sales, delivery and service for more than 575 organizations including:

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Improve your marketing, sales, delivery and service

We do what you can't or don't want to do yourself

In doing so, we use our knowledge and 19 years of experience to help you.

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